1. Thank you for this. Needed to hear how to have a heart for God through stuff that sometimes seems insurmountable. Praying for you and complete healing


  2. OH Kim my prayers are with you every day. I truly understand what pain can do to a person. My husband suffered so badly but never lost faith that the Lord was near him & yet the pain changed this beautiful man & filled him with fear & sadness that he didn’t understand. He continually looked for the answers & with huge amounts of medicines was never able to find the right combination for the constant pain. Our family gave him the most care & devotion continually & still the pain continued. We all have to try our very best to deal with the hurtful things in our lives, the best we can. You have a great faith & hang tight to it , that alone will give you peace. You have a beautiful gift that God has given you by opening your heart to all of us. My prayers , for you, will continue & I know they will be answered in Gods way & his time. You are a true follower of Chtist, blessing always. Doris


    1. Thank you so much Doris for you kind words of encouragement. I pray every day that God continues to carry me and keep me free from fear and sadness so I can live for Him and his glory.

      It is encouraging to me to have you tell me you feel God had given me a gift in my sharing and you see me as a true follower. It is affirmation that God is answering my prayers and that I am following His plan. Thank you and God bless!!


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