Both Feet & Two Weeks In…Back at the Beginning

This is the post excerpt.

I jumped into this blog with both feet on a leap of faith.  I don’t really know exactly how all of this works but I am pretty sure that this is may be what you see first when you look at my site!  So, two weeks in, I am taking a stab at making it worth your time by sharing how and why this all started.

I have been diligent over the past few months, setting aside time each day for time alone with God.  It is in that time that he has been calling me to this blogging journey.  He kept telling me, in my heart, “Kimmy, you have something to share, trust me and I will take care of the rest.”

PrayingGod has given us gifts and talents he wants us to use to glorify Him.  He blessed me with creativity and a compassionate heart and put me here to share them both.  I’m trusting God to guide me on this journey as I have never considered myself a writer, and honestly I still don’t.  I just believe in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

My prayer is that God speaks through me and uses my heart and creative nature for His Glory! AMEN!